For complex travel arrangments, nothing will ever beat a skilled and experienced travel consultant in coming up with innovative money-saving ideas, however if you have relatively simple travel requirements Traveleads can support you with a wide choice of self-book solutions.    

At one end of the scale of solutions we can offer you single sign-on booking tools which allow you to book a combination of flight, hotel, rail, car hire, taxi and other traveller services all within a single portal or we can provide you with your own travel portal homepage featuring a selection of bespoke booking systems for flights, rail, hotels, car hire, taxi and chauffeur drive, airport lounges and parking - some of which are totally free to use.

Technological solutions can be built around your travel policy, to provide spend limit rules and, where required, approval processes.

If you would like to see our systems in action, please contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.

Here's a link to just one of our systems... 

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