More than eight years in the making, Hong Kong’s brand-new high speed rail officially opens for service on Sunday 23rd September. The new bulle- train significantly reduces the time in which it takes to travel to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The longest bullet-train journey connects Hong Kong’s newly built West Kowloon Station with Beijing and takes approximately 9 hours. The bullet train also connects to the world‘s largest 25,000km national high-speed railway network.

The Hong Kong bullet-train service also includes popular travel destinations such as:

Futian                           (14 mins)
Shenzhen North            (23 Mins)
Guangzhou South         (48 Mins)
Hangzhou                     (6 hours 45 mins)
Shanghai                       (8 hours 45 mins)

*Please note these times are the estimated shortest travel times, taking into account no intermediary stops (based on fastest travel times on weekdays).

Passengers can currently travel on China’s bullet-trains to 44 cities. 

Luggage allowance on the high-speed train

Rules do not restrict the amount of luggage passengers can bring. However in-line with the mainland bullet-train standards, the combined length, height, and width of bags cannot exceed 130 cm (51 inches) or weigh more than 20 kg (44 lbs)

West Kowloon arrival and departure procedures

At Hong Kong’s West Kowloon station, passengers will be required to proceed through security, customs, and immigration. Having completed both Hong Kong departure and mainland arrival clearance procedures at the West Kowloon station, passengers will not have to repeat this upon arrival in China.

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