The ‘Paycation’ is fast becoming a thing, if you haven’t already heard the expression keep your ears open as it is only a matter of time before it becomes common place in business travel.

The term was originally coined to describe trips where those taking them were either paid for travelling or had the cost of their travel covered, such as travel writers, bloggers, reviewers etc.  Now it seems the Paycation has crossed over into the business world and is gaining popularity in workplaces far and wide.  A corporate paycation allows business travellers the option of including weekends, or personal leave, into their business trips, giving them time before or after meetings to explore and experience more of the destinations they visit.

This is beneficial to both the traveller and to the company they represent.  By including a day or two before getting down to business the traveller can overcome any jet-lag and arrive at that all important meeting focused and wide-awake.  It is also courteous to show an interest in the city in which you wish to do business, and offers the perfect icebreaker when meeting someone for the first time, mention the great restaurant you had dinner in, or the fantastic museum you visited, build a stronger rapport with the people you meet and watch those meetings reap greater rewards.  Your company only pays for the travel costs and expenses associated with the business element of the trip, you cover the cost of the extra nights.  It’s a Win Win situation - extra time out of the office is taken from your annual holiday allowance, so there are no hidden costs to the business (and you will get to see more than just an airport and a hotel).  Return to work energised and motivated - what company wouldn't want the benefits a well-travelled better informed team would offer.

What are your thoughts?

If you are a business traveller would you like to see the Paycation introduced to your corporate travel policy?
If you are an employer would you be happy to extend the Paycation option to staff ?