If you struggle to find an unreserved seat on a busy train, LNER has come up with a solution so you'll spend less time standing. LNER (London North Eastern Railway) has officially begun using its world-first innovation 'Seat Sensor' technology which records the current future status of a seat's availability.

This technology is now live on all LNER trains displaying reservations above the seats using a traffic light system.

This consists of:

  • Green when a sear is unreserved for a whole journey
  • Amber when a seat is reserved for part of the journey
  • Red when a seat is reserved for a whole journey

They can also view a map of each coach and the seat status on their phone by accessing the onboard wifi portal and selecting ‘find an empty seat’ five minutes after the train has left the station.

Suzanne Donnelly, Commercial Director at LNER, said:

“ We know some of our customers can become anxious when they are trying to find a seat, whether they are asking for their reserved seat back from another passenger or struggling to find an available unreserved space.

“The innovative Seat Sensor technology addresses this by making it much easier for all of our customers to find a seat. We hope this improves their overall journey experience.”

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