As heightened duty of care considerations are being introduced to corporate travel policies Travelodge hotels have rolled out their Lone Traveller initiative for single travellers staying at their hotels. Travelodge have put measures in place at all of their hotels to ensure guests have a safe and comfortable stay.

When you check-in they will be discreet with your room retails and won’t say your room number out-loud
Lone travellers will be allocated rooms on the 1st floor or above where possible, and not at the end of a corridor
All rooms are checked by a staff member prior to guest arrival
Their hotels are manned 24hrs a day so there is always a team member available if needed
All hotels have controlled door entry systems to ensure only their guests have access to the hotel
High specification fires alarms have been installed to limit false alarms and ensure customer safety
Additional CCTV cameras have been added
Traveleads would advise following the recommendations below whenever you travel alone
Let a family member and a colleague know your travel plans
Don’t pack unnecessary valuables
If you have any concerns about your room or its location, contact reception and ask for a replacement
Make yourself aware of the fire escapes on your floor
If you receive a knock on the door from someone claiming to be hotel staff and you are not expecting them call reception to confirm their identity before opening the door or letting them in
Place a do not disturb sign on your door – always engage the security bar and deadlock when you are inside
Don’t be afraid to contact reception if you witness anyone behaving suspiciously.

If you are making a reservation on behalf of a lone traveller or would like additional considerations to be included in your booking please inform your Traveleads consultant.