If you are a traveller...

We'll take great care of you.

We understand that regular travel can be tiring and stressful, so we aim to take as much hassle out of the equation as we can, at the same time as adding as much personalisation as possible. We’ll use the information you share with us via your personal profile to customise bookings to your needs and preferences wherever possible, and our systems will send you vital reminders for things like passport expiry. You also have the comfort of knowing that our team of experts is here to help you seven days a week and that we are on call outside of office hours to sort out any problems that may or for any changes you need to make.

  • Detailed personal profile storage
  • Loyalty cards applied to each relevant booking
  • Passport and visa reminders
  • Hotel preferences applied to all bookings
  • Seating preferences referred to for airlines and trains
  • Emailed itineraries - easy to send on to colleagues and family
  • Emergency contact card

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