Ryanair to cancel 300 flights

Industrial action is set to bring chaos to passengers travelling with Ryanair next week. We reported when news first broke of the proposed strike that if an agreement couldn’t be reached it would result in many of the airlines flights being grounded. It has been reported today that Ryanair have cancelled up to 300 of their 2,400 daily flights on due to strike action by some of their cabin crew in Belgium, Portugal and Spain. Ryanair have said that cancellations on the 25th and 26th July  involve the following:

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Ryanair strikes to affect business travellers and holiday-makers across Europe this month

Following a long running feud between Ryanair staff and management at the airline, cabin crew and ground staff across Europe have announced they will hold a 48-hour strike later this month, potentially resulting in the delay or cancellation of thousands of flights. Employees in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium will strike on July 25th and 26th unless their demands are met and a deal is reached.

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Tried and tested - Montpellier

As businesses continue to expand, travel has become an almost essential part of that growth cycle. Gone are the days of meetings taking place only in capital cities, or the sprawling expanse of a major metropolis.

Today business is just as likely to take you off the beaten track, as it is to more predictable destinations - such as Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.

As growth across all sectors reaches lesser known cities and regions, we are seeing a new trend emerge, and business travel is increasing to destinations once reserved for holiday-makers.

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