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Fatal Train Collision - Turkey

News agencies are reporting that at least nine people have died and 47 people have been injured in a high speed train collision in Turkey.

The accident occurred at about 06:30 local time (03:30 GMT). The train was travelling from Ankara to the city of Konya in western Turkey when it crashed at the Marsandiz railway station, around 8km from Ankara's main station.  A large number of emergency workers arrived at the scene shortly after the collision, which occurred in snowy conditions.  Search and rescue efforts are under way.

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5 Risks facing business travellers today

Travelling to any new or unfamiliar destination carries a degree of uncertainty.  As companies continue expanding into global markets corporate travellers are finding themselves coming face to face with the unexpected on an increasingly frequent basis.  For this reason travel managers, now more than ever, are looking to their TMC to provide the assistance and support required to keep their people safe.

Today we are looking at 5 potential threats your travellers may face, and suggesting ways you can be better prepared to deal with them.   

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Emergency Medical Evacuation – what would your company do?

An increased focus on corporate duty of care legalities has seen a number of businesses start to re-evaluate their emergency management strategies.  It is no longer acceptable to claim each situation is unique and therefore pre-planned preparation is impossible. Companies are working with TMC’s to access the latest traveller tracking technology, allowing them to identify exactly where their people are at any given time.

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EMERGENCY ! What would you do next ?

In the event of a national or international emergency would your company know what to do?  Legal duty-of-care requirements say that it should and yet in recent polls only 42% of the people surveyed said they believed their company would know what to do should the unforseen occur.  Of those polled 53% of travellers had already been caught up in some kind of emergency event or natural disaster.  With record numbers of business trips being taken that's not necessarily surprising, what is surprising however is that of those people a staggering 41% were not even contacted by their company.

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Does your company have a detailed emergency plan in place?

Did you know that safety and security is fast becoming the primary concern of business travellers? Recent research has found that 37 per cent of travel buyers have faced higher levels of traveller safety enquiries since April. The same study also showed that 39 per cent of buyers failed to conduct regular emergency planning meetings, and at 27 per cent almost a third of travel buyers admitted to not having a detailed emergency plan in place at all.

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Traveleads launches TravAssist – our new multi-function mobile app and duty of care solution

Excellent service standards and innovative technical solutions have long differentiated Traveleads from its competitors, and we are delighted to have recently added another component to our outstanding list of customer benefits – TravAssist.
TravAssist is a mobile app which can be downloaded for free onto IOS (Apple iPhones) and Android smartphones – simply search “Traveleads” in Apple App Store or Google Play.

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